Prophet Jesus

Iconic portrait

The photograph of Jesus the Christ displayed on this website is the remake of the icon portraying him, as it was originally carved in emerald by Tibere CAESAR, Emperor of Rome, and the city of seven (7) hills. Once private property of the Imperial Treasure of Constantinople, this iconic portrait of Jesus did fall in the hands of the Turks in 1413 and was thereafter given back to Pope INNONCENT VIII by Sultan BAJAZET II, along with the spear that pierced Our Lord in exchange (ransom) for the brother of the Sultan, who was made prisoner of war by the Christian armies of Rhodes.

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Literary portrait

The most reliable literary of Jesus is the one found in the famous letter written to Tibere CAESAR by P. LENTULUS, proconsul of Judea during the time Jesus started his anointment of Christ. I (Prophet Jacob) consider P. LENTULUS a reliable source because Judea was under his Jurisdiction and as such he ought to report faithful and precisely to Tibere CAESAR, the Emperor. Now for your information this is a translated copy of the letter, given to Pierre ROISSARD by Padre PIO, a well known ordained Catholic priest, To Tibere. Greetings to you Majesty this is the answer you requested (desired). In our land, rose a man with an exceptional power. They call him the Great Prophet. Verily O CAESAR, we hear marvelous things about this Christ: He has resuscitated dead, healed all kinds of illnesses and he plunges in amazement the whole Jerusalem by his doctrine. He is of a majestic aspect, with a gleaming visage, full of compassion inasmuch as they who see him love him and fear him at the same time.

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Jesus was a prophet of God

Jesus of Nazareth, son of Mary (Miriam) was a prophet of God to who was entrusted clear signs of the Day of Last Judgment, the Book of Apocalypse also known as the Book of Revelation. Jesus is not God and here are some of the divine proofs:

  • The introduction of the Book of Revelation reads as follow: “The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave to him, to show to his servants things which must shortly come to pass.” This verse clearly says that Jesus was a messenger of God like Moses and Muhammad.
  • The vision of Jesus of Nazareth after his baptism before John the Baptist tells us that Jesus was an “angel of God or son of God”made flesh like Moses or Muhammad (Luke 1: 21-22). Yes! Jesus was a prophet of God.
  • God does not die; Jesus died and was buried. Therefore, he cannot be God
  • God does not fast; Jesus fasted forty (40) days. Therefore, he cannot be God
  • Satan cannot tempt God; he tempted Jesus. Therefore, Jesus cannot be God
  • Stephen saw Jesus at the right hand of God (Acts 7: 55-56). Therefore, he cannot be God.