SEAL TIME, Yarima 13


Lesson 8: Gathering of the Noah

The exhortation of this day is taken from the “Olive Scroll”, that is, the criterion given to Prophet Allo also known as “Imam Jacob DeGagnoa”.

The criterion “olive Scroll” is to serve as “Guide” to all faithful of Jehovah for it accomplishes the exodus of the nine prophets of covenants sent forth until now; and they are: Noah, Abraham, Moses, John the Baptist, Jesus the Christ, Mohammed, Bilewu, Tohoury and Allo.

This is for you an excerpt of the “Olive Scroll”, Beatitude 1: 153-175


Gathering of the Noah

  1. Noah (Assurance or Bringer of Relief) son of Lamech ben Methuselah took for wife Ezramias (or Emzara), first daughter of his uncle Rakéel ben Methuselah. Noah became desperate after years of marriage without children when hundred and five years old, his wife Ezramias at last conceived and gave birth to a male child.

  2. Noah (Comfort or Bringer of relief) gave the name Japheth (Large of He who is fattening) to his first born. After the birth of Japheth (Large or He who is fattening), glorious immaculate Noah had relations with his wife Ezramias (or Emzara) bint Rakéel who conceived and gave birth to another son whom Noah named Ham.

  3. After the births of Japheth and Ham, Noah had relations with his wife who conceived and gave birth to a male child again. She (Ezramias) the name of Shem (has a name) to the child because of a prophecy we (Yoroba) gave her during her pregnancy. We (Yoroba) told Ezramias that the child she is carrying in her womb will come with a birth mark.

  4. Verily, we (Yoroba) say unto you (O Prophet) that we told Ezramias that if she sees unusual birth mark on the child, then she (Ezramias) ought to know that the child came to have name on earth. He (the child) will be so famous that his brothers that will leave in his shadow as if he was the eldest.

  5. Ezramias (or Emzara) did in fact give birth to a male already circumcised and it was unprecedented. Then she (Ezramias) remembered the prophecy and named the child Shem which means “Name or renown” for she knew the child will be renowned.

  6. Verily, we (Yoroba) say unto you (O Prophet) that Shem became so renowned that his two brothers and specifically his big brother Japheth lived in his shadow. There was e bitter animosity between Shem and Ham for they were of the same character.

  1. Ham grew up isolated for he was not getting along very well with his two siblings Shem (or Renown) and Japheth (or Large). The influence Shem has on his big brother was so huge that one thought he (Shem) was the eldest. And until now, the shadow of Shem continues to be upon the Noah family.

  2. Noah’s wife was also well renowned for she was a seer. However, it is a perfect knowledge of medicinal herbs and roots that gave her the nickname “Tytea” or “Titea” which means “Herbs or medicine”.

  3. And Noah the teacher with his wisdom of discernment was very much relying on the dreams and visions of his wife to guide his people; for it was a common knowledge since Enoch ben Jared, that the Creator is expected to come and destroy all that has breath of life. However no one knew exactly when.

  4. Verily, O Prophet, we (Yoroba) will remove the veil that concealed for so long, the true story of the ark that saved Noah and his family during the deluge. The infidels (or unbelievers) will say: “is it possible that a human like us may be able to reconstruct what had taken place eons before?”

  5. Shall we (Yoroba) reply: “Did not we help Danel known as Belteshazzar in the courtyard of king Nebuchadnezzar when he (the king) wanted his forgotten dream to be recalled? Are not we (Yoroba) the Wisdom that spoke to Qoheleth (or Ecclesiastes Salomon) who was once king in Israel?

  6. The things of which you say: “See, this is new!” we (Yoroba) say unto you (O Prophet) that what has already existed in the ages that preceded you, that will be. What has been done, that will be done for nothing is new under the sun.

  7. Verily, we (Yoroba) say unto you (O Prophet) that the ark of goopherwood supposedly made by Noah and described in the Bible never existed physically. We (Yoroba), Eternal Light, will reconstruct for you (O Prophet) the real story of the end of the world that began with Adama and Hawwa.

  8. When the time was at hand to completely destroy by waters all that has breath of life, the shadow of the Lady in heaven who has no name began to reveal herself to Tytea Ezramias, wife of Noah and daughter of Rakéel, son of Methuselah.

  9. We (Yoroba) gave you (O Prophet) the grace to see (or encounter) Yarafa Tytea Ezramias, so that you (O Prophet) may tell and write the truth on “Yarafas” we send forth as messengers in order to warn and guide the humans.              

  10. Yarafa (or Yarafah) comes from the words “Yah-Rah” which means “Shadow from God” and “Rah-Fah” which signifies “Shadow that once was on earth”. Literally, Yarafa means “Shadow from heaven that once lived on earth.”

  11. Verily, we (Yoroba) say unto you (O Prophet) that “Yarafas” are what you (people) define as “Saints”. This is why Yarafa Titea Ezramias who was once at the center stage of the deluge, revealed herself to you (O Prophet) and said:

  12. I am Ezramias (read Ez- Ra- Me- ass) and I was the wife of Noah on earth when the deluge occurred. I was the person who built what you (people) call nowadays “The Ark of Noah”. I am telling you (O Prophet) that the ark had never been a visible one in the eyes of the humans of my days.

  13.  I have often had in my dreams and since childhood, the appearances of a beautiful lady always standing in the midst of olive-trees. She (The Lady) had always guided me and saved me in countless situations or events.

  14. Thus, one given night and while asleep, this Lady I sued to call “The Lady of the olive-trees” appeared to me again. And this time she told me that Jehovah (or the Creator) is coming to destroy all living beings on the face of the earth as it was foretold since dark ages.

  15. The Lady then showed me a complete devastated earth with no survivors and by ways of waters. She (The Lady) advised me that if I wish to save my family, then my husband Noah has to follow to the letter the instructions she is to give me.

  16. In the same dream, the Lady also told me that the death of my grand-father Methuselah amounts the beginning of the countdown towards the days of doom (or the deluge) which she had just showed me. And she said that only the imposition of olive oil on the forehead shall prevent the angels commandeered to destroy to spare the elects.

  17. The Lady of the olive-trees told me in another dream that at the death of my grand-father Methuselah, we (my husband and I) shall take our grand-mother Naamah with us; and flee from the region of the great lakes serving us as village to a cave within a mountain located up north in a faraway land.


EXHORTATION: Gathering of the Noah



    The exhortation we had on the depravity of the olive world taught us:

  1. Since the formation of Adama until his ninth generation, humans on earth were guilty of types of sins:

  1. Sins related (or deriving) from the “Life outside the Garden of Eden” such as Adultery which the violation of the right of thigh a man had on a woman.

  2. Sins related (or deriving) from the use of intoxication substances such as Alcohol or drugs.

  1. The rapid propensity of sinful deed from humans made God to plan the complete destruction of the olive world in which men were able to live more than eight centuries before meeting death.

  2. God Yoroba uses the “Omega-Alpha” tool for he does not want the earth to become a formless wasteland and covered of Lucifer’s darkness.

Today’s sermon is taken from the Olive Scroll, Beatitude 1: 153-175 and talks about the gathering of the Noah before the complete destruction the olive world.


  1. God Yoroba fusions the human genealogy

  1. God Yoroba reincarnates Adama and Hawwa

  • Know that human beings born of the couple Adama and Hawwa came out into two lineages:

  1. The lineage (or descents) of Qayin and Ezramias bint Adama

  2. The lineage (or descents) of Seth ben Adama and Hawwa Awane bint Qayin.

  • In order to fusion these two lineages, God Yoroba used the theory of likeness by:

  1. Reincarnating Adama in the body (or flesh) of Noah ben Lamech and by giving him for wife Tytea Ezramias, daughter of Rakéel ben Methuselah.

  2. Reincarnating Seth (or my Replacement), third child of Hawwa, in the body of Shem (Renown), third child of Tytea Ezramias.

  1. God Yoroba institutes a new Garden of Eden (or Fertility)

  • The first Garden of Eden (or Fertility) in which God Yoroba put both Adama and Hawwa was the intimate relation called: “Husband and Wife” or “Male and Female.” And this is to say that any other sexual encounter not involving the husband and his wife is called a relation “Outside Garden of Eden”.

  • In the eyes of God Yoroba, all children from the womb of Hawwa were born “Outside Garden of Eden” because of the fact that she violated the right of thigh of Adama before having her first child.

  • It was therefore very important for God Yoroba to bring all humans back into the Garden of Eden so that they can be under the law again. And it was why Shem, third child of Noah, was born already circumcised.

  • Let us read Beatitude 1: 155 to 157

  • The new Garden of Eden (or Fertility) took place the very day Shem had his first sexual encounter with a female; and specifically with his wife. The intimate relation between Shem and his wife can be defined as “Circumcised Husband and Circumcised Wife.”

  • Here understand by “Circumcised Woman” a female who mates only with circumcised men. Yes! Since the second generation of the children of Noah, women were no longer allowed to mate with uncircumcised men.

  • After the flood of Noah, humans were divinely under the Law of circumcision which was renewed later with Abraham when God Yoroba asked me to circumcise all males of his household.


  1. Characteristics of the red world

  1. The olive world

  • For a better understanding of the red world, let us recall the characteristics of the olive world.

  • The olive world began with Adama and his wife Hawwa and humans were created to live beyond eight centuries or more.

  • The intimate relation permitted and blessed by God Yoroba was the one of “Husband and Wife”.

  • Women were having their first menstruations at the age of forty-two and set to have their first baby at the age of forty-and nine also known as the “Jubilee age”.

  • Men were not allowed to use their mouth on sex during intimate relations and the rule was known to Adama and Hawwa as “the law of the forbidden fruit”.

  • God Yoroba wanted to completely destroy the olive world because humans reached a level of perversion He (God) could no longer tolerate. Therefore, God was planning to replace the olive world with the red world.


  1. The red world

  • The red world is the world of the “blood covenant” and the symbol of it was Lamech, son of Methusael, son of Mehujael, son of Irad, son of Enosh, son of Qayin, son of Lucifer, son of God Yoroba.

  • This is what God Yoroba wanted to see through the new world bound to replace the olive world:

  1. A world in which the blood covenant he entered with Lamech ben Methusael would be applied to all humans, that is, anyone who sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed (Genesis 4: 24).

  2. A world in which the lifetime of humans on earth shall not exceed hundred and twenty-two years so that people with low morale and perverted life do not live longer.

  3. A world in which permitted intimate relations remain the one of “Male and Female” and more importantly the one of “Husband and wife” (Genesis 6: 19).

  4. A world in which women become free of menstruations after the jubilee age (or 49 years) as they were before the jubilee age in the olive world. Here, the aim of God Yoroba is to curve the fleshy desire in women for they are vulnerable before Lucifer.

  5. A world in which males ought to be circumcised and women not to mate with uncircumcised men. The ritual of circumcision which is a blood sacrifice allows men and women to pay the price of the original sin so that the use of mouth on sex becomes no more a sin. Thus, men and women not under the Law of circumcision commit sin each time they use their mouth on sex while mating.


  1. Biblical Ark of Noah versus Olivine Ark of Noah

  1. Biblical story of Noah’s ark (Genesis 6: 14-22)

  • The Holy Bible teaches us that Noah was commandeered by God to build a goopherwood ark of 300 cubits long, 50 cubits large and 30 cubits high.

  • In our current metric system the above dimensions of the ark amount 165m for the length, 27m for the width and 16.50m for the height.

  • For such a gigantic ark, shall not we wonder if Noah and his three children have a necessary tools and technic to build an ark twice the size of an American football field?

  • Why it is that such gigantic ark was built without anyone knowing about it or no one even came to help just for curiosity sake?

  • We know that Noah was a righteous man and he could not have bear the idea that he has a large secure ark right there while his countrymen are dying with the flood.

  • Noah would have helped surely some of them out of pity though they did not participate in the building process. The plain truth is that the ark was never real; it was more symbolic than physical (or tangible).


  1. Olivine story of Noah’s ark (Beatitude 1: 162-175)

  • The story of Noah’s ark as written in the “Olive Scroll” was revealed to Prophet All by a woman he (Prophet Allo) saw in a dream.

  • In the dream, Prophet Allo also known as Imam Jacob DeGagnoa saw a woman who introduced herself as Titea Ezramias.

  • Let us together read Beatitude 1: 170 to 175 for a better understanding of what Lady Titea Ezramias said to Prophet Allo.

  • As you have just heard, the ark of Noah was in fact some olive oil put on the forehead of the survivors of the flood; and the hideout was a grotto (or cave), that is, a secure place where the Noah found refuge until the waters receded from the earth.

  • And for the waters not to submerge completely the hideout (or grotto) located inside a mountain, God Yoroba used the whirlwind to keep the waves (or waters) from reaching the mountain. There is nothing new under the sun, says the theory of likeness or similitude of things.

  • The same technic of whirlwind was used also when God Yoroba divided the red sea into two when the people of Israel were fleeing the army of the Pharaoh.

  • The Noah survived the flood because they were the glory of olive. And by extrapolation and without any shred of doubt, the glory of olive foretold by Saint Malachy of the Roman Catholic Church, is just the advent of the imposition of the olive oil on the forehead of the people faithful to God of Abraham.

  1. Yarafa Titea Ezramias (verse 168)

  • The word “Yah rah” is the composite of “Yah” which means “God” and “Rah” which signifies “Shadow”. Therefore, “Yah Rah” means “God Shadow”.

  • The word “Rah Fah” is the composite of “Rah” which means “Shadow” and “Fah” which signifies “Visible”. Therefore, “Rah Fah” means “Visible Shadow”.

  • Thus, the word “Yarafa” means literally “God Shadow visible Shadow” or “God Shadow made Visible”. In other words “God Shadow made Visible” means “Messenger of God on earth”.

  • A Yarafa is therefore an angel of God made flesh in the bodily shape of a departed human being known of us.

  • For example, Jesus son of man lived among humans as “Prophet” and after his death on the cross and since then; faithful have been seeing him from time to time.

  • The Jesus, all human beings see nowadays is a messenger of God Yoroba, an angel of God in the bodily shape of Prophet Jesus, son of Joseph and Mary the virgin.

  • That Jesus is a Yarafa, the Jesus people see today is “Yarafa Jesus” or “Saint Jesus” like “Saint Moses” or “Saint Mohammed”, etc. If God Yoroba sent forth Yarafa Titea Ezramias to Prophet Allo, it was just to let Prophet Allo know that Titea Ezramias was a “Yarafa” at his service.

  • Brothers and sisters beware of Yarafas from Lucifer and do not let yourself being deceived by them. They are also capable of performing wonders. Be purified and spiritually sound to keep such Yarafas away.


    Today’s sermon taught us that before the massive destruction of the descents of Adama by flood:

  1. God Yoroba made one the two known lineages of Adama through the person of Noah.

  2. God Yoroba then created a new Garden of Eden (or fertility) with the circumcision of Shem, son of Noah.

  3. God Yoroba at last used Yarafa Titea Ezramias to show forth the ark that was to save those who were chosen to survive the first end of the world.

May the Peace of Yoroba the Merciful and God of Muslims-Christians be with you always!

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