SEAL TIME, Ariyah 4


Lesson 2: The Original Sin

The exhortation of this day is taken from the “Olive Scroll”, that is, the criterion given to Prophet Allo also known as “Imam Jacob DeGagnoa”.

The criterion “olive Scroll” is to serve as “Guide” to all faithful of Jehovah for it accomplishes the exodus of the nine prophets of covenants sent forth until now; and they are: Noah, Abraham, Moses, John the Baptist, Jesus the Christ, Bilewu, Tohoury and Allo.

 This is for you and excerpt of the “Olive Scroll”, Beatitude 1: 31-44

The Original Sin

  1. Lucifer, the angel of Light (or Knowledge) went to see Hawwa when her jubilee age was at hand; and he wanted absolutely to plant his own seed in the bosom of Hawwa before her husband Adama does it.

  2. Lucifer the cunning man subtly asked madam Adama also called Hawwa if Jehovah forbad them to touch the tree planted in the middle of the Garden though it was specially formed for their use.    

  3. Hawwa answered Lucifer the serpent that Jehovah told them that they can do anything they wish with their Garden of Eden except to touch it with the mouth for the fruit coming out of it shall surely bring them death.

  4. Lucifer the serpent then told Hawwa that she will not die by eating from the tree. On the contrary, she will find the fruit of the tree very sweet. Thus, Lucifer who has a tree of knowledge showed Hawwa how to eat from it.

  5. Hawwa indeed found the fruit of the tree very tasty; and she even had her eyes opened instead of being dead as she and her husband were told to believe.

  6. Without delay, she initiated Adama on the consumption of the tree of knowledge; and he too had his eyes opened and both of them were still alive. However, they understood that they were naked the whole time and they knew not.

  7. When Adama and Hawwa saw that we (Jehovah) were coming towards them, they swiftly hide themselves for they were ashamed. The first act Adama and Hawwa did was to cover their nudity.

  8. And it was what Lucifer meant when by “to have one’s eyes opened”. Are children and even wild animals aware of their nudity? Lucifer did open the eyes of humans so that they live not in innocence like wild animals.

  9. When we (Jehovah) saw that Adama and Hawwa covered their nudity, we immediately understood that they ate from the tree of knowledge. Therefore, we asked Adama of our bosom to explain what really happened.

  10. Adama told us that Hawwa is the one who showed him how to touch and eat from the tree of knowledge; and that Hawwa herself learned it from Lucifer. We (Jehovah) were very angry at Lucifer, Hawwa and Adama for their act of disobedience.

  11. We (Jehovah) then told Lucifer the traitor: “Because you have showed them how to eat from the tree of knowledge which secret was under your custody, on your belly shall you crawl, and dirt shall you eat all the days of your life.”

  12. To the woman Hawwa we (Jehovah) said: “We shall intensify the pangs of your childbearing; and in pain shall you bring forth children.”

  13. To the man we (Jehovah) said: “Because you listened to your wife and ate from the tree of knowledge which we had forbidden you to eat, cursed be the ground because of you. By the sweat of your face shall you eat, until you return to the ground, from which you were taken; for you are dirt, and to dirt shall you return.”

  14. And then we took back the grace both Adama and Hawwa had to see us (Celestials) face to face because Hawwa was already carrying the mark (or seed) of Lucifer the serpent in her bosom.


This text is an excerpt of the Olive Scroll, Beatitude 1: 31-44 and exposes on Adama and Hawwa’s original sin, forerunner of today’s sexual immoralities.

May Yoroba the Merciful be with you!

   EXHORTATION: The Original Sin


    The exhortation we had on Adama and Hawwa taught us that:

  1. Adama the first human was already hundred years old the day of his formation by God; and that he lived alone for two full years before the creation of his female.

  2. Hawwa the first female was already forty-two years old the day she was formed; and she lived normally for seven years with Adama before having an affair with Lucifer.

  3. In the olive age (or era), females were having their first children at the age of forty-nine; and they were having their periods every seven years.

  4. Celestial beings call human beings “Trees of Life”. They call sex “Tree of Knowledge” and intimate part “Garden of Eden or Fertility”.

Today’s sermon expose on what the Holy Bible has been calling “Original Sin” for the past two thousand years; and the maledictions that resulted from it.


  1. Hawwa of the olive age (Verse 31)

Verse 31 of Beatitude 1 teaches us that Lucifer deceived Hawwa and had sexual encounter with her because he knew her jubilee age was at hand that very day.

  1. For a better understanding of “Jubilee Age” concept, we ought to define or explain first the “Olive Age or Era.”

  • In the eyes of all celestials, human beings are viewed as “Trees of life” that were to last on earth for no more than ten centuries.

  • The thousand-year lifetime on earth is what is called “Olive Age” or the epoch human beings were living way past nine hundred years.


  1. The jubilee age (or age of fecundity) of a female in the olive era was forty-nine years. This is to imply that:

  • Women have their first periods at the age of forty-two and every seven years thereafter.

  • Women could get pregnant only after they have reached forty-nine years.

  1. It is forbidden to eat from the tree of knowledge (Verses 32 and 33)

  1. Hawwa very well knew what she was doing with Lucifer

  • In fact, Hawwa knew very well that the use of mouth on sex or on intimate parts was forbidden.

  • It is her curiosity that made her to do what Lucifer was expecting of her. Do not we say that curiosity killed the cat?

  • Lucifer satisfied the curiosity of Hawwa because he wanted to plant his own seed within her before Adama the husband does it.


  1. The sex of Hawwa is the “Well of Evil” or the “Mark of the Beast”

  • Lucifer left his mark on Hawwa’s sex the day the original sin was committed.

  • When children are conceived through the use of sex, the mark of Lucifer is already printed in them; and the day of their delivery, the vagina prints the mark on their forehead.


  1. The use of mouth on sex is the eyes opener (Verse 37)

  • The Holy Bible (Genesis 3: 6-7) says that both Adama and Hawwa had their eyes opened right after the original sin; and they covered their nudity.

  • This means that they were naked all the time and they did not know until they ate from the tree of knowledge.

  • The “Eyes-Opener” is what leads humans to all kinds of Sexual immoralities.


  1. God curses Lucifer the Devil, Hawwa the woman and Adama the man

  1. The curse on Lucifer the Devil (Verse 41)

  • Lucifer the serpent tongue was cursed primarily because he betrayed Jehovah God by revealing to both Adama and Hawwa the secret behind the consumption of the tree of knowledge.

  • Lucifer became a fallen angel and the earth became his place of residence the day Jehovah said: “On your belly shall you crawl.”

  • Humans became his food (or green pasture) the day God said to him: “Dirt shall you eat all the days of your life.”

  • Therefore, as long as the earth exists, Lucifer shall have a place to prosper and he shall never starve as long as humans made out of dirt still exist.


  1. The curse on Hawwa the woman (Verse 42)

  • Jehovah Yoroba cursed Hawwa because she violated the right of thigh of Adama with Lucifer.

  • The day Jehovah God said to Hawwa: “I will intensify the pangs of your childbearing” because He already knew that Hawwa was with Lucifer’s child.”

  • Women have childbearing pain because God Jehovah wants them to remember the first act of adultery (or violation of the right of thigh).


  1. The curse on Adama the man (Verses 43 and 44)

  • Adama lost his privilege of seeing God face to face.

  • Adama was condemned to produce and to work hard in order to feed his family.


  1. Celestials call all humans “Trees of Life” and sex “Tree of knowledge”

  2. Females were formed to have their periods every seven years after the age of forty-two and to have their first baby at the age of forty-nine.

  3. The sex of women is the well of Evil that prints the mark of Lucifer on the forehead of all human beings

  4. Human beings lost their ability to see God face to face because of their use of mouth on sex.

May the Peace of Yoroba the Merciful and God of Muslims-Christians be with you always!

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