Feast of weeks : Last Sabbath of April

The Feast of Weeks is the feast that closes the year in the Church of Celestial Christianity and takes place always on the last Sabbath of the month of April. Jehovah Yoroba wants all faithful of the house of Water Baptism to keep holy the Feast of Weeks. Why a Feast of Weeks in the house of Water Baptism and especially in the Church of Celestial Christianity?

 For a better understanding of the advent of the “Feast of Weeks” in the Church of Celestial Christianity, I would like to recall what Yahweh said to Prophet Moses concerning the Feast of Weeks. I am sure that it will help you to comprehend the divine meaning of the return of this long gone feast showed to the Israelites.

To the Israelites and by way of Moses, Yahweh God Fire said:
You shall count off seven weeks from the time you begin to put the sickle to the standing grain. Then celebrate the Feast of Weeks to the LORD your God by giving a freewill offering in proportion to the blessings the LORD your God has given you. And rejoice before the LORD your God at the place he will choose as a dwelling for his name. Holy Bible, Deuteronomy 16: 9-11.

The prophecy of the Feast of Weeks as we just read it shows clearly three things God wanted his Assembly to keep:

  • The Feast of Weeks amounts a feast of harvest and it is the opportunity for the Israelites to show their gratitude to the LORD God
  • The Feast of Weeks teaches us that in order to harvest, one must first plant. Therefore, it will be wrong of us to expect ripping where we did not plant (Matthew 25: 24-25).
  • The celebration of the Feast of Weeks must necessarily take place in the temple or worship place and it is mandatory for all Israelites and their corresponding households to partake in the celebration.

In the end times, the Apocalypse plays the role of sickle and the standing grain is the human to be destroyed. The first time the Apocalypse harvested the humans, it was in the age of Noah and the great downpour came upon the earth on the seventeenth day of the second month when Noah was six hundred years old.

If we take into account the theory of likeness governing all celestial projects, one can say without any shred of doubt that the second apocalypse (End of the world) shall also come with a great flood; and on the seventeenth day of the second month of the year commemorating the two thousandth year of the death of Jesus.

In our current calendar the year would be 2033 because history tells us that Jesus died when he was thirty-three. Therefore the foreseeable day of the great flood of the Apocalypse of Jesus is February 17th, 2034. On that day, Yoroba (God Fire) will harvest the standing infidels and the catholic Christians.

The mandatory forty (40) days fast in the Church of Celestial Christianity commences every year on February 17 because it is the revelation of Yoroba that anyone observing now the forty days fast of February 17 shall be spared by the coming flood.Therefore, theFeast of Weeks celebrates the advent of New Jerusalem, the new Assembly of God swearing only by the Lawof Olive Cross and not by Jesus.