The Hosha Festival : Feb 17 to March 31

The Hosha Festival is not a pilgrimage festival like the “Shavuot or Pentecost” or like the “Sukkot or Tabernacles.” Rather it a festival that allows Almighty God to remove the curse of Ash upon off the celestials in order to transform them into fireflies among the humans. The main divine purpose of the Hosha Festival is to operate and maintain the transfiguration of those under the Olive Cross. Thus they can play the role of the counterpart of the Illuminati currently ruling the earth. The celebration of the Hosha Festival in the Church of Celestial Christianity comes with four (4) feasts:

  • Ash Day
  • Day of Grace
  • Palm Day
  • Seal Day

ASH DAY (February 17)

February 17 is the day Almighty God Fire (Yoroba) brought the flood upon the face of the earth, killing every moving creature he has ever made; except Noah and his family of eight (8). That was the first End of the World (Genesis 7:4).
The Holy Celestial Church regards February 17 as a day of Mourning and sackcloth. A day to reflect back on what happened in the time of Noah; and envision what could the next February 17 be when the second coming of God occurs. This is why Celestials observe forty (40) days of a mandatory fast.
The Mandatory Fast is to prepare Celestials to the pain and grieve they shall endure when they see their own relatives being wiped out of the face of the earth, and how helpless they will be. Prophet Jesus said that God is coming to remake the flood of Noah on today’s world (Matthew 24: 36-39). 


Celebrates the end of the original sin (Curse of Ash) inherited from Adam and Eve.
Open Session of the Chaplet of Faith from nine (9) in the morning to twelve (12) noon.
Administration of Hosha Passover by Parish-priest after the open session of the rosary; and distribution of Holy Water to participants. The water is to divinely remove the imposition of ash they received on February 17.

PALM DAY(March 29)

Celebrates the Glory of Olive (or the Olive Cross) among the humans
Open Session of the Rosary of Requests from twelve (12) noon to three (3) in the afternoon
Palms should be put on the floor of the temple so that faithful can walk on them as they enter the church


Commemorates the day the LORD God transformed Celestials (Muslim-Christians) into Geo-Fireflies.
Open Session of the Chaplet of Hope from nine (9) in the morning to twelve (12) noon.
Imposition of Olive Oil on the forehead of all faithful by Parish-priest at the end of the Rosary session.