The Feast of Assumption : August 15

The feast of Assumption commemorates the day Mary the Virgin was taken up by the LORD. The feast of Assumption takes place on the fifteenth day of the month of August every year in the Holy Catholic Church. Celestials also proclaim this feast as a sacred assembly because Saint Olive the new voice of intercession is Mary the Virgin recycled and the Holy Celestial Church the continuation of the Holy Catholic Church.

 The “death” of the Holy Catholic Church occurred the day Pope John Paul II died and the advent of Olive the Glory took place seven days later. To Pope John Paul II was given the key of the mystery that lies in the old rosary incarnated by Mary the Virgin.The feast of Assumption is the binding tie between the Holy Catholic Church and the Holy Celestial Church.

One is the end of the Rosary of Blood and the other the beginning of the Rosary of Olive. And Pope Benedict XVI is the transitional period and divine bridge that shall lead to the Glory of Olive and to the Apocalypse of the world built around Jesus the Christ and Paul the Antichrist.