Likeness of Mary the virgin

The lady of Revelation 12 is the mother of Celestials (or Muslim-Christians). She is not the mother of Catholics for at least three reasons:

  • The book of Revelation is the book of prophecy of Jesus and it is impossible for Jesus to have given prophecy about his own birth and about the woman supposedly to become his biological mother.
  • The serpent under her feet tells us that the Lady is fighting against the serpent of old that once deceived her. And Eve, wife of Adam, is the natural enemy of the serpent.  Thus, the foretold lady of Apocalypse 12 ought to be Eve without doubt for the Bible teaches us that only the progeny of Eve had the thousand-year reign until the flood of Noah (Genesis 5).
  • The green color of her sash confirms that she is the mother of the survivors to be once the Apocalypse is at hand. According to the Holy Bible, only olive trees survived the first Apocalypse that took place in the age of Noah. Thus, Celestials are the Olive trees of the world to come and the green color must be olive.

Having said all of this, one can very easily say that the Lady revealed in the Book of Revelation chapter 12 is not Mary the Virgin because Jesus is the one who wrote it through personal appearances to Apostle John; prophecies are to take place in the future and Jesus and his mother have already existed.

The Lady of Apocalypse twelve is the reincarnation of Eve who once was deceived by the serpent of old. Celestials or Muslim-Christians are her children because they are the one being sealed on the forehead as we speak so that the scriptures can be fulfilled (Rev 7: 3).

Now that we know for sure that Celestials (or Muslim-Christians)are the olive trees of the Apocalypse to come andthat the Lady of Apocalypse twelve is indeed their mother, then without any shred of doubt she can be called: Mother of olive trees. Olive trees germinate from the seeds of olive. So we can call the Lady of Revelation 12: OLIVE

Yes! Olive is mother Eve who came back on earth in order to save some of her offspring before the foretold apocalypse. She first revealed herself in the village of Fatima (Portugal). Olive (or Our Lady of Fatima) came on earth to put her oil on the forehead of her children so that they can survive like olive trees survived the downpour of Noah. Make no mistake; anyone who has the seal of Olive on his or her forehead shall survive the days of doom ahead of us.