Literary portrait

The most reliable literary of Jesus is the one found in the famous letter written to Tibere CAESAR by P. LENTULUS, proconsul of Judea during the time Jesus started his anointment of Christ. I (Prophet Jacob) consider P. LENTULUS a reliable source because Judea was under his Jurisdiction and as such he ought to report faithful and precisely to Tibere CAESAR, the Emperor. Now for your information this is a translated copy of the letter, given to Pierre ROISSARD by Padre PIO, a well known ordained Catholic priest, To Tibere. Greetings to you Majesty this is the answer you requested (desired). In our land, rose a man with an exceptional power. They call him the Great Prophet. Verily O CAESAR, we hear marvelous things about this Christ: He has resuscitated dead, healed all kinds of illnesses and he plunges in amazement the whole Jerusalem by his doctrine. He is of a majestic aspect, with a gleaming visage, full of compassion inasmuch as they who see him love him and fear him at the same time.

 They say that his rose visage with a beard divided into two in the middle is of a non comparable beauty and no one can gaze at him for long because of the brightness of his eyes. By his dark fair-haired visage, his blue eyes, he looks like his mother, who is the most beautiful and melancholic visage this land has ever known. In decisive, profound and irreproachable words, he shows the most pure expression of truths that surpasses by far all genius. When correcting or making reproaches, he is formidable. In teachings or exhortations, he is gentle, loveable and fascinating. He walks bare-footed with his head uncovered and when looking at him from distance, many make fun of him; but when he is closer to them, they tremble and they are plunged into stupor. No one has ever seen him laughing or smiling, but many saw him crying. They visited him received blessings (goodness) and healings. However, I am disturbed when some evil tongues say he is against your Majesty because he teaches that all men are equal in the eyes of God. Give your order (command) and you shall be obeyed promptly, Greetings. P. LENTULUS, Proconsul of Judea for the Roman Empire.

The Literary Portrait of Jesus painted by the Proconsul of Judea to his Emperor tells us the followings:

• The Virgin Mary was the most beautiful female of her time and she was BLACK (melancholic) and Rose, therefore she was a fair skin lady. Definitely, she was not white as they have had us to believe all these years.
• Jesus looked exactly like his mother and subsequently it can be said that he was a fair black skin person.
• Jesus as a Holy Man was walking bare-footed and this shows that the antichrists are the ones worshipping him in their temple with their shoes on.