Our Faith

Celestial Christianity

The Church of Celestial Christianity was introduced to the world by Prophet Bilewu (Joseph Samuel Oschoffa), a native of the country of Benin, a French speaking state in sub-Saharan Africa. The man was a carpenter and a faithful of the Methodist Church with no prior training in the field of theology or in any other human science discipline. He was just an ordinary man who went in the forest searching for lumber as he is accustomed when the spirit of the Lord fell upon him in that wilderness on the twenty-second day after the solar eclipse of May 20, 1947.

No other eye witnesses but the birds chanting “Lulee, Lulee, Lulee”. Joseph Samuel Oschoffa went missing for three months in the forest of Agongay and all searches remained unsuccessful to the extent that his relatives assumed that he was dead. On one blessed day he came back from that wilderness, transfigured and saying the oracle of God. People were so amazed with all that was happening to this quiet carpenter. He related the full story to his fellow countrymen and subsequently on September 29th of the year 1947, the Church of Celestial Christianity was formally born.

Prophet Bilewu was thirty-eight (38) years old when he started the Church of Celestial Christianity in 1947 and died in the year 1985, exactly thirty-eight (38) years later. However, before his death, Prophet Bilewu (Joseph Samuel Oschoffa) foretold the coming of another messenger whose mission would be the completion of the building process of the church. The prophecy came to pass in the year 1996 at OgoOluwa Parish of Maryland (USA) when an angel of God changed the name of Brother Roger Allo BETE into Jacob.

    The messenger of the Lord wrote the name “Jacob” in the sand of the mercy land of the church and before few members of the congregation of Celestials led then by Evangelist Guillaume KABERT of Côte d’Ivoire. The “naming ceremony” took place on the twenty-second day of the month of December of the year 1996. Thus, Brother Roger Allo BETE became “Jacob DeGagnoa” at the age of thirty-eight (38), twelve (12) years after he was exposed to the Church of Celestial Christianity in 1984 at Celestial Church New Jerusalem Parish of Gagnoa.

    On the twenty-second day of the month of May of the year 2002, Jacob DeGagnoa per divine order received twenty-one sets of instructions aimed to:

  1. Complete the construction of the Church of Celestial Christianity through the Olive Cross made of four pillars (Quran, Celestial Worship, Oath of Allegiance and Hosha Passover) and four Laws (Circumcision, Sanctity of Sex, Water Baptism and No Ritual of Sacrifices).
  2. Unveil the eleven zodiac system, that is, the zodiacal environment set to govern the Olive World after the Apocalypse of the Messianic World of year 2035.


    The Church of Celestial Christianity was sent forth to the inhabitants of the messianic age for the following reasons:

  1. To Destroy the World of Blood Covenant built upon the Hundred and Twenty-years reign (Genesis 6:2)
  2. To Restore the Lost World of Olive Covenant which is the Thousand-years reign humans were to live on the face of the earth (Genesis 5: 1-32)  
  3. To Bring the children of Abraham back to God of Islam who shall be known as Yoroba or God of Muslim-Christians.
  4. For the church of Celestial Christianity to fulfill her divine mission, she is to put all descendants of Abraham under one (1) Faith (Celestial Christianity), one (1) Grace (Olive Covenant) and one (1) Mercy (the Lord Yoroba).


Mode of worship

When searching for a congregation (Parish) of the Church of Celestial Christianity, one must look for the following characteristics:

  1. The Devotional Worship Masses of the Church of Celestial Christianity are held every Saturday from Twelve (12) noon to Three (3) in the Afternoon at most because the church is under the leadership of the host of Michael.
  2. The Olivine Sanctuary of the church holds two open sessions of the Holy Rosary every Wednesday (9 AM-12 PM and 6 PM -9 PM).
  3. All members of the church are required to worship God dressed in white robes (Cassocks) and without shoes when standing on holy grounds (or sites).
  4. Male and female members are forbidden to attend worship services when under personal uncleanness andto sit side by side while on the church premises. They are also forbidden to consume unclean food, animals and beverages (Code of Legal Holiness of the Law of Moses).
  5. Gays, lesbians and same sex unions are not welcome in the Church of Celestial Christianity for Adam was formed first, and then Eve as the missing rib of him.
  6. No Crucifixes (or images of Jesus) are allowed in the worship places that belong to the Church of Celestial Christianity, except the statues of Saint Olive and the images obtained from the Olive Covenant (Cross, Seal and Hosha Passover).