Holy Celestial Church

  • The Holy Celestial Church is the final draft of the church of Celestial Christianity founded by Prophet Bilewu of Benin (West Africa).
  • The founder and shepherd of the Holy Celestial Church is Prophet Allo also known as Jacob DeGagnoa. Native of Côte d’Ivoire, He lives in the United States of America, city of Tampa, state of Florida.
  • The Holy Celestial Church comes with worship temples and olivine sanctuaries as replacements of the old mercy lands.
  • The worship temples are under the leadership of Apostle Bruno Touapri AHIPO, worldwide pastor of the church.
  • The olivine sanctuaries are under the supervision of Apostle Lucie Ginette COQUILLAT also known as Mother-Celestial Fatima Lucie II. She is the worldwide matron of the church.

Olive convenant

The Holy Celestial Church is the church of End Time that is to put all faithful of God under the olive covenant before and after the Apocalypse of Jesus.

The Olive Covenant is composed of:

  • The Olive Cross
  • The Glory Seal
  • The purpose of the Olive Cross is to teach all humans to:
  • Adopt the Holy Quran as the pathway to righteousness until the year 2035
  • Adopt Celestial Christianity as the pathway of God Fire called Yoroba
  • Pledge Allegiance to God of Islam (or Submission)
  • Consume the Hosha Passover  in perfect harmony with the four Angels of Apocalypse (Revelation 7: 1-2)
  • Refrain from sexual immorality and take life for life
  • Circumcise all males and forbid females to engage in love-making with uncircumcised males.
  •  Adopt the restored water baptism of Immersion
  • Engage no more in ritual of sacrifices or ceremonies

The Glory Seal is to make Geo-fireflies out of all humans so that they can subdue all forces of darkness. The Glory Seal comes in four stages (or steps):
Imposition of Ash

  • Forty (40) days of mandatory fasting
  • Removal of Ash
  • Imposition of olive oil