Pastor’s Desk

My beloved
I am Bruno AHIPO, head of the seventeen (17) apostles commandeered to show forth the Holy Celestial Church founded by Prophet Jacob DeGagnoa.
Prophet Jacob DeGagnoa is the messenger God of Abraham sent down to bring to completion the building process of the church of Celestial Christianity that began in 1947 with Prophet Bilewu Joseph Samuel Oschoffa of the Republic of Benin.

The church of Celestial Christianity is the church of End Time where Muslims and Christians are to worship one same God called Yoroba. Yes! God of all celestials is named Yoroba and it is in anticipation to His new name that Prophet Bilewu of the Yoruba tribe was chosen.
He (God) who lives in the heavens has no name. And patriarch Abraham was right to call him: The one with no name. When the one without name revealed himself to Israel, He chose to be called Yahweh or Jehovah. To the children of Ishmael, the one without name chose to be named Allah.
To Jacob DeGagnoa, sent forth to unite both the Israelites (Christians) and the Ishmaelites, The one without name whishes henceforth to be called Yoroba for He is God Fire the Magi were revering.

I, Bruno AHIPO, Pastor of the Holy Celestial Church, hereby attest now and verily that:

  • The construction of the church of Celestial Christianity is complete and ought to be known henceforth as “Holy Celestial Church”.
  • The church of Celestial Christianity (or Holy Celestial Church) is the fulfillment of the Fatima secrets for:
    • The celestial worship is what the “Angel of Peace” showed to the young Lucia dos Santos.
    • The Celestial Christianity brings the Catholic Christianity to a close with the shouting of “Jesus was a prophet of God Fire” (Lucia’s vision of hell).
    • The Celestial Christianity is the foretold Glory of Olive because it proceeds from the Olive Cross, that is, the foundation of the celestial faith.
    • Fatima is the Virgin of Celestials (or Muslim-Christians) as Mary has been for all Catholics.

Beloved in Yoroba, become celestials for the End Time of Jesus is at hand. Next month, I shall introduce the other sixteen (16) apostles of the church to you!!! Peace be with you.

Apostle Bruno Touapri AHIPO
Pastor of the Holy Celestial Church